Thursday, 22 November 2012

The Sonnet!

Life being the greatest labyrinth remains the most alluring question to every single soul who owns this cursed possession!! Is it not obvious?? It is a gore... a painful sting yet it is fragranced, enticing and the most fluent poetry… so artistically concocted and designed… a series of melodramatic events… yet carrying the beatitude. Every moment in this sojourn holds its own significance, every single minute has a lesson to impart and every head that throngs this vastness has a tale to beget. The garrulous hours of mirth and togetherness toddle away with amazing briskness while those sordid wailing void moments drag through us with painful tardiness… leaving us in tatters…. ugly and fragile! But does it bring with it the death…. a stagnation…. or just a hiatus?? No, it does not… it is just the way we perceive the facets of this coin which speaks innumerable tales….. the time cascades down like a capricious brook… and so does life in the abruptness and the sublimity of time.
Life frolics about…. and often plays the clown… cold and profaned… making mockery of itself and playing a ludicrous role…. but soon these shoes are lost and worn by some other feet… giving this clown a ‘Taurus’ to play!!! This is the sonnet…. and the perfume of life……