Saturday, 10 November 2012

The Blessing....

The morning rays crouched into my little room breaking through that profound slumber…. and I lay awake on my cot. The timepiece which beckoned me to slip into my regular schedule stirred me to quit the bed and head towards the basin which uglied the corner of the room. Squeezing out some toothpaste on those distorted strands of that antique brush of mine….I hastened towards the casement… and craned my crest out through the window to catch a glimpse of the neighborhood and those beautiful red flowerswhich adorned the balcony that stood straight in front of my window ensnared me once morelike every morning….but the balcony….was desolate and lonely as ever!! Life had been idle for her, the owner…. for the past few years….muted, deafened and paralyzed!!! The rocking chairthe little balcony….and her dire plight had been the most persistent possessions in her lifetime. A life of virtual recluse….desolation amidst the garrulous crowd….and a perpetual numbness!!!This dour visage of her blearing life got uglier and ghoulish with each growing hourwith each passing day and the call to eternal sleep seemed to be her final destination….the accursed old age. It had been a day when she was young and agileteeming with vigor….and beauty…..but all those possessions had been reduced to smithereens….and who would love to tame a dead flower??? Not even him….who she had mothered for the bygone 25 years….played, chided and loved with an unfathomable intensityher son!! People disown responsibilities….and every responsibility seems onerous….a sordid truth of life….and more squalid is the bitterness which the growing years bring with it….a dark smut indeedand then 'Death' wears the apparel of a Blessing!!

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  1. "and who would love to tame a dead flower?" Your writing is so power-packed and full of delightful punches. The words flow seamlessly. Well written and conveyed.