Thursday, 22 November 2012

My Perceptions

As clean, as beautiful
The mirror, I saw
The crafted grandeur
Beauty gorged of flaw.

I tried to chase, 
The world so bright
But each time I leapt
They showed me fright

I tried to see, 
The vial of life
But the eyes grew weary 
And just saw strife

I tried to clasp, 
The wind and sail
But the galloping waves
And the tearing gale…

I tried to mount, 
My thoughts on steed
But every thought
Was struck and it did bleed! ! 

I tried to tread, 
With the crowd rampant
I was clenched, and I gasped
In the crowd nonchalant! ! 

I raised my brows,
 To catch the long straight street
But it showed me just
A fragment of it! ! 

I tried to ti, e 
The chords of despair and hope
But nothing could mend
This broken rope.

I dropped down battered
In pieces, in shards
Narrow hopes all cleaved

                                  All reveries marred.

It was the mirror
I saw till then
The truth, its twin and…
Betwixt a narrow glen! ! ! 

All this while
I played a child! ! ! 
Sporting folly, 
And reveries wild…


  1. "All this while
    I played a child! ! !
    Sporting folly,
    And reveries wild…" - beautiful lines in this poem ... very well written !!!

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  3. ahh the Mirror it is !!

    Loved this one :)